Latinas Represent

The ChallengeLatinas Represent Logo

Latinas Represent is a nonprofit that worked to encourage, promote, and help elect more Latina women to elected offices across the nation. Their goal was to build a site to promote their efforts and build a broader membership and following for their work. But as a new organization, they had ideas, staff, and momentum, but no web presence at all. They had a basic logo and color palette but from those small seeds, they needed build a website within a month.


The Solution

I worked with Latinas Represent to help them launch a site within only a matter of weeks. We discussed the ideas they wanted to convey and the goals for the website. I helped shape the design that combined bold typography, icons, symbols, and color to convey their the political and cultural problems they sought to address, the work they were doing on the issue, and ways for supporters to get involved. I also worked to ensure that the design would respond and flow cleanly onto small screens and tablets.

The Elevator Pitch

One of our biggest goals was to explain the problem that Latinas Represent was working to address. To that end, we looked to make the top of the home page a bold explainer for the lack of representation for latina women in public office.

Blog page sample

A showcase for stories

A second major goal was to create a blog to showcase stories about rising Latina leaders and about the ongoing efforts to find and recruit a new generation of women help change statehouses and Congress to make it more diverse and representative. We designed and build a clean, readable format for stories and weekly posts.

"Blog" page sample screen shot

Designed from day one to play nice with small screens

As always, Flying Dog worked to make sure the new design was responsive and would look great on screens and devices of any size.

Karel Fellowship Site on Smaller Screens

Blah, blah, blah... enough about them, what about you?

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