A flying dog production

I’ve worked with the Center for American Progress for a number of years and been there through a few redesigns. But this time around, the site was being moved from an old content management system into WordPress. This migration was an opportunity to revamp a lot of the underlying structure, code, and style that drove the site. Our goal wasn’t to do a big, splashy redesign; rather, we wanted to make a lot of clean, incremental improvements across the site.

The biggest improvement was to make the site 100% responsive: all of the content was now optimized to present well on small screens and tablets as well as traditional desktops. We also revamped the features area to make it easier to showcase the site’s top stories. We made it faster, lighter, easier to load. Although I fixed dozens of small design elements and issues, we kept the overall look-and-feel of the site the same. As a designer, it was a tremendous lesson on how you could vastly improve a site by fixing hundreds of things behind the curtain.

Live site: AmericanProgress.org

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