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The Communications Network works with hundreds of foundations and nonprofits to help them use innovative and effective communication techniques to better advance their ideas and missions. It’s been around since 1978, and has a long history of helping nonprofits and foundations be more effective.

Their website was rich with content: lots of articles, videos, and resources, but it was packed into a somewhat generic website template, which made it look like a dry blog, rather than a vital organization with lots of innovative, modern ideas for aspiring organizations. The story pages had a lot of sidebar clutter and widgets that offered little of value to users.

I worked with Communications Network to help them develop a new home page and new story page design that would better showcase their articles and promote their events and resources. We rebuilt the home page with a more open, clean, less cluttered design and a bold top visual. We also created a new feature area to highlight their newest and most popular stories. For the story pages, we cleared out the clutter and created a very clean reading experience that frames the story more effectively. Finally, as always, we worked to make sure the new design was responsive and would look great on screens and devices of any size.

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