A flying dog production

The Institute for Inclusive Security, an international nonprofit organization that focused on global security issues and political power of women, wanted to redesign their site to help it do three things better: better explain what the organization does, showcase their most important content better, and deliver their site to mobile users.

I tackled the first of their three objectives by creating new spaces where they could “tell the story” of their organization. Next, I designed large, full-width feature areas where they could showcase large visuals and art for their top stories. Third, I made the site responsive so that it would read well on any size screen. Finally, we made dozens of small visual design improvements: everything from white space to typography or modernized web forms to clean social networking buttons. Throughout the project, I worked closely with the client to think about and think through content strategy and branding challenges.

After the new site launch, the redesign was so well received, it became the model for other sites within the organization’s parent foundation.

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