Democracy Awakening

The Challenge

Public Citizen, a national progressive nonprofit based in Washington D.C. was one of the primary organizers of a weekend event that would bring together more than 200 organizations and hundreds of thousands of people to the capitol to protest and call for stronger voting rights and protections for fair elections.

They wanted help to create a website to help organize and provide information to supporters and partners, something simple, clean, and usable on any screen or device. It needed to explain what the demonstration was about, who was supporting and participating in it, and encourage visitors to join the action.

And they needed something quick.


The Solution

Once we got started, we broke the project up into three phases. The first step was a basic design and structure, and an early version of the website that provided basic information about the event, along with a user-friendly sign-up page for supporters to get email updates as the event got closer.

The second step was a more complete website that featured a calendar of events, more information about partners and supporters, a page of tools for activists, resources to help activists share housing and transportation, media and photo galleries, and a more robust sign-up form to allow people to not only get emails, but volunteer to help at the event.

Finally, after the weekend was complete, we updated the site to showcase highlights from the event.

Ultimately, the website was very effective — helping organize hundreds of thousands of activists and boost participation in one of the largest political demonstrations of the decade.  Ari Berman of The Nation called it “the most important protest of the 2016 election.” Flying Dog Creative was proud to contribute in a small way to the success of the event and support the fight for voting rights in America.

A clear, focused starting point

The home page had one primary goal above everything else — get people to sign up for the event.

We focused on providing a short, clear explanation of what the Democracy Awakening event was about, when it would happen, and how to sign up for more information. Over time we added a few more elements, but at the launch, it was designed to inspire visitors and engage them right away to hit the orange button and get involved.

Home page sample screen shot
Blog page sample

Connect with supporters

The sign-up page allowed us to get basic contact information, but also allowed us to gauge their level of interest: finding out who planned to attend in person, who was interested in helping out or volunteering, who would organize locally in their communities, and who might be willing to help provide transportation to the event. All of this information would be useful for organizers as the big weekend approached.

Getting beyond the basics

Once visitors got beyond homepage, we wanted to be able to provide more detail about what the event was about, what to expect, and who was supporting it.  We created clean, readable secondary pages to answer more questions about the event.

Home page sample screen shot
Karel Fellowship Site on Smaller Screens

Dig into the details

Eventually, participants might need nitty-gritty details about the event, like where to go, what to bring, nearby places to eat, and other logistical questions. We created accessible, user-friendly pages to allow supporters to get answers to frequently asked questions.

Showing the support

With more than 200 supporting partners for the event, it was important to visually show the wide range of organizations that were coming together to support the rally. We created a clean, robust page that showed the logo for every partner and linked to their website, underscoring the supportive connections between so many organizations.

Home page sample screen shot

Visit the live site


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