Dr. Robin Alter

The Challenge

Dr. Robin Alter had a website with great content: insightful articles about helping children deal with stress and anxiety, as well as a link to her highly-regarded book on the subject. But the site looked like the digital equivalent of a 1973 Ford Pinto.

It wasn’t just a matter of aesthetics. Her site needed a more modern look, but it also needed to do a better job promoting her book and herself. It needed to feature her writing more effectively. And lastly, it needed to do a better job telling her story as a psychologist who has dedicated her career to helping children.

The Solution

We set out to rework the layout to better promote her book, her writing, and tell her story. We worked to make the site more readable, better optimized for all types of screens and devices, and give it a cleaner, lighter look.

Home Page: Before and After



Robin Alter Home Page

In addition to the obvious visual and design makeover of the homepage, we spent some time rethinking what her website was looking to accomplish and which part of her practice we wanted to highlight. After some conversations, we decided that it should really focus on her book and her work with children who struggle with anxiety.

We tried a few things and then settled on a key question that framed her work: “What can a parent do when constant worry and fear rob a child of the ability to enjoy life?”  We follow that with the simple conclusion:  “Doctor Robin Alter offers answers,” which sets up the rest of the site, which provides those answers through articles and links to her books.

We also wanted to add some endorsements to the homepage to provide “social proof” that Dr. Alter isn’t just a random author, but an expert with decades of results.  Below that, we created a friendly mini-biography of Dr. Alter, along with quick links to her most popular articles. All of this combined to underscore her credibility and authority on treating children with anxiety.


Updated code to help it play nice with small screens

As always, we worked to make sure the new design was responsive and would look great on screens and devices of any size.

Robin Alter site on small device screens

A new story page, designer for readers

We cleared out the clutter and created a very clean reading experience that frames the story more effectively.

Story page sample

Visit the site live


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