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The ChallengeGeneration Progress Logo

“Campus Progress,” a college-oriented youth nonprofit organization, wanted to rebrand and relaunch itself as “Generation Progress.” They wanted to appeal a bigger, broader audience. They also wanted a new site that was simpler, cleaner, action-oriented, and responsive to work well on mobile devices and tablets.


The Solution

Structurally, we encouraged them to do away with the sidebars of their old site that were mostly clutter and static content that wasn’t very useful to visitors. We simplified the navigation. We collaborated to develop a simpler, one-column design that focused visitors on a single story or a single action. This design lent itself well to tablets and small screens. They also wanted a home page that was more focused on explaining what Generation Progress was all about than showcasing new content; I helped them present a lot of information about themselves in a clean, economical way.

Visually, we kept the colors of their existing brand to provide some consistency and continuity of their old site and identity. And we use a lot of white space to make content pages more readable. We delivered a simple, slide-out navigation for mobile screens.

Defining a new brand

A big goal of Generation Progress’ new site was to establish and explain the new brand and their mission, so we made a big effort to showcase that in the homepage design. We also wanted to make it easy for visitors to quickly find ways to join the organization or sign up for one of its online campaigns.

Home page sample screen shot

Better story pages

We reworked the story pages to make sure they were cleaner, more readable, and uncluttered for a better user experience.

Blog page sample

Making it easy to get involved

We revamped the organization and structure of the site, and paid special attention to a landing page for online activism. We created a new design to showcase the biggest and most important activism campaign, along with links to other actions.

Home page sample screen shot

Designed from day one to play nice with small screens

As always, we worked to make sure the new design was responsive and would look great on screens and devices of any size.

GenProgress on mobile devices

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