Local Government Federal Credit Union

The Challenge

LGFCU LogoThe Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) has a great product: affordable financial services, products, and advice for its customers. And their research showed that their customer satisfaction was very high: customers like the credit union and its value; their impressions of the credit union described it as “warm” and “friendly.”

But LGFCU’s website was outdated, flat, overcrowded, and dark. It didn’t communicate the warmth of its organizational identity. The site didn’t render well on smartphones or small tablets. And it did a poor job highlighting new stories and offerings to its customers.


The Solution

Working with LGFCU’s brilliant Art Director Shannon Mølhave, I helped LGFCU figure out better ways to present and organize their content, developed a clean, modern look for their site, collaborated with them to plan and adapt the site for a full range of screen sizes, improved the typography to make it more readable, and developed a new color scheme and iconography to help provide a better user experience.


LGFCU "before"


LGFCU home page

A more customer-friendly home page

To make it easier for LGFCU members to find services and get to useful financial advice, we reworked the organization and layout of the home page to make it easier to skim and find new content. We also ensured that the most commonly-used features — the branch locator, the member login, and the “Compass” system were all easy to spot and access.

Home page sample

A better format for pages that explain services and products

We worked to make sure that it was easier to find and understand LGFCU’s wide range of products and services. These pages were made more reader-friendly and easy to scan for essential information.

Story page sample

New designs for stories and articles

LGFCU’s research showed that customers were eager for financial advice and guidance to go along with their services, so we designed new story pages for short, useful articles. The new structure and design made it easier for customers to find useful information about money management.

Sample blog page

Optimized for small screens, too

The old LGFCU website was useless on small devices, so made sure that the new site would render well on any size screen or device.

LGFCU Mobile Screens

Visit the live site

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