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The ChallengePotomac Exiles Logo

The Potomac Exiles are a Washington DC area rugby club team who had recently formed as a result of a merger of two other teams. As they faced the start of a new season, they needed a website to showcase and serve the new team. They wanted a home page that would highlight their most recent games and their season highlights. They also wanted the ability to easily and quickly put up photo galleries from games themselves. They also needed everything designed and built within a month.


The Solution

We worked with the Exiles to define the essential features they needed in their site, which turned out to be to post game results and schedules and make it easier for members to register and pay for their participation. Given their specific needs as a sports team website, we started with a third-party theme build specifically for club teams that would make it to handle unique content like players, coaches, and games. They had a logo for the new team, which served as the basis for the color palette of the new site. We took it from there, customizing the home page, the theme, and the content areas to reflect the Exiles’ style and personality. We installed and configured a special slideshow tool to make the process of creating and embedding photo galleries. We worked with the team organizers and trained them on how to manage the content and maintain the website. We helped link and configure the site to connect seamlessly with another service they used to handle membership payments. In the end, they loved the site and it went on to showcase their undefeated first season.

A bold home page for a brash team

The home page was designed to focus on big, action-oriented photos from their recent games. It was also optimized to showcase recent reports and news about the team.

Home page sample screen shot
Blog page sample

A home for the players

The site highlights the individual members of the team and provides some background on what each of them bring to the exiles.

Telling team stories

The site was built to make it easy for organizers to publish highlights of recent games, including photo (or video) galleries that can be embedded within minutes.

Story page sample
Three mobile views of the Potomac Exiles site

Designed to look great on small screens

As always, we worked to make sure the design was responsive and would look great on screens and devices of any size.

Visit the live site

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