Touching the Stillness

The Challenge

Reverend Paulette Pipe, a dynamic minister who teaches mindfulness and meditation, and host of a popular radio show, has a dedicated following. But she also had an eight-year-old website. It looked outdated and a bit over-stuffed, but more importantly, it didn’t do a good job conveying who Reverend Pipe was, what she offered to her audience, and how people could connect with her. She wanted help modernizing her website, but more importantly, she wanted to rewrite the copy so that it would tell her story more effectively.

Words first.

Before we ever got into the look of the new site, we started by throwing out long, confusing paragraphs of writing from the old website and talked about what Touching the Stillness was really about.

Over a series of conversations and a few iterations, we simplified it to three basic things she taught her audiences: “meditation”, “mindful living”, and “sustained spiritual practice.” We talked about what those three things meant — what they gave people who listened to her show or went to her retreats. Reverend Pipe came around to the idea that people often told her that it helped them overcome stress, hardship, or grief and learn to “breathe” again.

That led to the tagline that tied the three offerings together: “Creating Breathing Space”

Blog page sample

Decluttering and focusing the home page

Her old website had a busy, overcrowded homepage, with boxes stacked on top of more boxes, and an image “carousel” that rotated a series of graphics that hadn’t been changed in years. It was hard for visitors to know what to look at, what mattered, or what they should do once they got there.

We stripped down the new home page with the essentials, focusing on a more basic goal of conveying what her practice was about and encouraging visitors to learn more.


Telling the story of the ministry

On her old website, there were four or five pages packed with text that explained the history, focus, and vision of her organization. It wasn’t bad content, but there was just too much of it, and few visitors really ever read it all.

With the new website, we worked to combine and condense those pages into one simpler “What We Do” page that told her story in about 500 words. The result is a more effective, clearer narrative about what Touching the Stillness is all about.

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Karel Fellowship Site on Smaller Screens

Promoting her show

Another key part of Reverent Pipe’s ministry is her radio show/podcast that reaches thousands of listeners. We made the landing page for that clearer, more focused, and designed to make it easier for visitors to subscribe easily.

Events, simplified

A big part of Reverend Pipe’s work is her events and retreats, where she connects with people across the country. But a major complaint about her old website was that visitors found her events hard to find.

So with the redesign, we made it a priority to create a new, clean calendar that made it easy for visitors to find and sign up for events.  Her new calendar page is much more readable and usable.

Home page sample screen shot

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