What We Do

We understand the challenges nonprofits and small businesses face. We can help with strategy, content, design, and email services.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

Communications & STRATEGY

“We are launching a new organization, business, or service and aren’t sure how to best promote it online”

We can help you create effective messaging and positioning language that helps focus your branding and marketing. We can work with you to create websites, email marketing campaigns, and other branding materials to grow your audience quickly. Let’s talk!

“Our website hasn’t attracted many new supporters or subscribers”

We’ll work with you to rewrite and revitalize your messaging to make it more effective. We can pair that with a visual redesign as well to create a more engaging experience for visitors. Let’s talk!

“People say they don't understand what we do. We struggle to tell our organization's story.”

Websites often have too much text, or content too heavy with marketing-speak or jargon. We can work with you to create a clearer message about who you are and what your organization does. Let’s talk!

Copywriting & Content

“Our website content is stale and out-of-date”

We can work with you to help rewrite your website copy and make it current, sharper, and more focused. We’ll help you create effective messaging and positioning language that will make your website more effective. Let’s talk!

“Our homepage is overloaded and cluttered with content!”

An experienced outside perspective can help solve this problem. We can work with you to figure out the more important elements of your home page and rewrite and redesign it to be more focused and effective. Let’s talk!

“Our web site is good, but we need help creating articles or blog content to keep it fresh.”

Nonprofits and small businesses have overworked creative teams, or no in-house creative staff. Either way, we can help write and edit fresh content for your website. Let’s talk!


“We need a website!”

Many clients are too busy growing their nonprofit or business to have time to focus on their website. Leave it to us — we’ll use years of experience and a proven record of results to help create a beautiful and effective website that will look great on any device or screen. If you need help with content to go with the design, we can create that, too. Let’s talk!

“Our website needs some help.”

You may be happy with your website, but it needs some new features or sections. Or a few things need to be reworked or replaced. Just like a contractor can help you upgrade the kitchen or bathroom in your home, we can work with you to enhance or expand an existing website. Let’s talk!

“Our website is old and ugly.”

Even the best websites need to be refreshed and updated from time-to-time. We can help you redesign, revamp, and rebuild your website to make it more engaging and effective. Let’s talk!

Email MARKETING & Newsletters

“We want to start an email newsletter”

We can support you with everything from developing and refining a newsletter concept, to creating a well-designed, flexible email template, to helping write and edit content. We can take you from an idea to a professional quality email campaign delivered to thousands of subscribers.. Let’s talk!

“We have a great email template or a newsletter design, but no time to write it!”

Email marketing is often a high priority, but finding time to write fresh, original content for it is a challenge. We can help create email content that fits your organization’s voice, style, and message. Let’s talk!

“Our email templates are unreadable or look bad on smartphones. ”

In 2018, more than 50% of all emails are opened on mobile devices — so if you’re still using an outdated email template, half of your audience may not be able to read it. We can redesign your email templates to make them more effective and readable on any size device or screen. Let’s talk!

Did we miss some other communications or digital challenge you’re facing? Let’s talk.

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